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My Garage Door Keeps Going Up and Down, What Should I Do?

Are you having difficulty with your garage door? Can’t seem to get it to stay closed? It may be a straightforward problem that you can fix in less than a minute.

Here are some symptoms of the problem:

  • The garage door goes down then back up.

  • Your garage door opens immediately after closing.

  • The garage door keeps going up and down.

  • Your garage door opens when it hits the ground.

  • Garage door opener keeps going back up.

It may be your garage door sensor. There are four common problems with garage door sensors, three of these homeowners can fix themselves.

  • Garage door safety sensor

  • Check for the Presence of Any Blockage

  • Replace the Logic Board

  • Adjust the Limit Switch

Are you having trouble closing your garage door? Then you should call Metro Garage Door repair and installation in Northern Virginia . We work with highly skilled technicians who can come to your home 24/7 any day of the year. We will quickly look at the garage door, diagnose the problem, and fix it on the spot.

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